About Us

"Your Money. Your Way"

MoolahGo is a regulated Financial Technology (Fintech) company that provides digital financial services to individuals and businesses.

Our slogan "Your Money. Your Way." perfectly reflects our mission. This mission is to make financial services fair and accessible for everyone and at their own terms.

The story started when its Founder realized that the current way of performing basic transactions have not really changed much even though new fintechs have sprouted up in recent years – Consumers still do not have the power to transact on their terms!

And not to mention that countless of people are today still going through the traditional time-consuming and unappealing ways of performing financial transactions. And worst of all, unnecessarily paying high costs for them.

With the Founding team assembled and after copious amounts of testing and development, MoolahGo made its debut in January 2018 with two products (i.e. Currency-exchange and Cross-border payments).

Other exciting financial products will be offered in the near future.

Our Technology

We have invested in thousands of hours of R&D to develop our proprietary technology. The result is an innovative, user-friendly and exciting Marketplace platform that brings about tremendous benefits to our users. Such a marketplace platform for currency exchange and cross-border payments is probably a First in this region, if not the World!

And to comply with the various regulatory requirements on Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism across the region, our technology includes robotics to detect potential suspicious activities and to prevent them upfront. We go the extra mile to make our platform intelligent because we want to keep you (our members) safe from becoming a victim of financial crimes.

Real-time assessment of transaction patterns to flag out potential suspicious transactions

Further enhance security of our transactions with immutable smart contracts to prevent fraud and hacking (evaluation phase)

New country-specific exchange control rules easily plugged in for enforcement and compliance by the system

We are Licensed & Regulated

We are licensed and regulated by The Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") under the Money-Changing and Remittance Businesses Act. To be granted a license, we are required to demonstrate that we have a well-designed operating model to counter money-laundering and terrorism financing risks as well as to prevent potential fraud. In addition, our team needs to fulfill fit-and-proper tests conducted by MAS to ensure that the people behind MoolahGo is of high integrity.

Our Money-changing license number is M006229 and our Remittance license number is RA01523. You can verify this information in MAS' website here.

Our licenses mean the world to us. As such, you can be assured that we would handle your money transactions with great care to avoid being in breach of regulations.

Our Team

John Hakim
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
John has in total 15 years of banking experience and was recently a COO of Credit Suisse’s Asia Pacific Real Assets Lending business. Prior to Credit Suisse, John held senior positions in JPMorgan Chase and also spent 5 years as a consultant in Accenture advising Fortune 500 companies. John graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. John was an avid advanced scuba-diver and used to aquaculture corals as a hobby. He is still a big fan of the underwater world.

Jodi Junan
Co-founder, Chief Software Engineer
A true IT geek who graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia with a major in Computer and Operations Research. Jodi had worked in Fujitsu as a Systems Engineer and also started a software development firm providing solutions to startups and corporates across eCommerce, Payments and Mobile apps. Jodi used to be a competitive swimmer and had won several gold medals competing in his birth city Medan, Indonesia

Eric Barbier
Board Member (wef. Apr’19)
Eric is the Founder of TransferTo, a global mobile payment network interconnecting financial institutions, merchants and mobile operators in Emerging Markets. He founded TransferTo in Singapore in 2006 and was acquired by Ingenico, a leading payment solutions provider. Before TransferTo, Eric co-founded Mobile 365, a global mobile messaging hub which was acquired by Sybase (now SAP) in 2006. Eric holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology.

Our Advisors

Mr. Ong Kian Min
Mr. Ong is currently a lawyer practicing as a consultant with Singapore law firm Drew & Napier LLC and also serves as an independent non-executive director of several companies listed on the Singapore stock exchange. He has more than 25 years of experience in corporate and commercial law. Mr. Ong also served as an elected member of parliament in Singapore from January 1997 to April 2011.

Mr. Cheo Chai Hong
Mr. Cheo possesses more than three decades of experience in banking. Mr. Cheo served as Managing Director of Group Credit (Middle Market) & Corporate Planning & Strategy at United Overseas Bank and was also MD in DBS Bank’s Institutional Banking Department. Mr. Cheo was also a Director of Philippines’ BDO Unibank and served as a non-executive director of Avaplas Ltd prior to its merger with Venture Corporation.