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An intuitive payment platform that allows you to send money and make payments to 40 countries at the best rates and within minutes.

eWallet App
  • Bill payment
  • Currency exchange
  • Cross-border remittance
  • Domestic transfer (PayNow)
  • Merchant e-payment (PayNow)
  • Pay to Indonesia & Philippines eWallet
  • Pay to Visa Card
  • Peer-to-Peer payment

Why moolahgo?

moolahgo is Safe, Reliable, and Accessible

Reap the benefits of digital financial services offered by a MAS licensed Major Payment Institution and managed by an experienced team

High Security

Peace of mind of your data and assets using the latest security technology

Competitive Rates

Competitive exchange rates to benefit you and your loved ones


Intuitive app interfaces that allow you to perform transactions with ease


いつもシンガポールで両替する時はムスタファセンターが一番と思っていましたが、MoolahGo を利用してからもっとお金を節約できています!


Saya sangat senang menggunakan Moolahgo untuk kirim uang ke famili saya di Indonesia. Moolahgo qualitas sangat bagus. Harga penukaran ke Rupiah lebih tinggi, ongkos sangat rendah ($1.25 saja), dalam satu hari uang sampai, dapat bonus points setiap pengiriman uang.Saya sarankan kalian juga mencoba menggunakan Moolahgo.


Moolahgo, for me, is a potential disruptor when it comes to anyone's Forex needs. To my knowledge, it seems to be a first of its kind, unique approach to exchanging currencies unlike traditional go to Forex shops/oulets. Apart from being recognised by government of Singapore (MAS), they have a secure online mechanism to register, transact. In my case, exchange rate on the booking date was honoured in spite of collecting the currency a day later by when it had fallen by a few basis points. Commission collected by Moolahgo is quite minimal in this respect and is transparent at the time of placing order. All in all, I had one of my best Forex experiences until date. I would definitely go for moolahgo for my future Forex and money transfer needs.


MoolahGo provides very competitive exchange rates - at the rates that I want, whenever I want. I can now stretch my spending power when I am on holiday!


It's so convenient to use Moolahgo to send money to my family in Surabaya. And their rates are so good. I'm saving a lot of money every month. Plus I get to earn their GO7Coins!


Sekarang aku tidak usah habisin waktu antrian di City Plaza lagi. Harga bagus, kurs tinggi, dan mendapat poin lagi!

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