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How do I top-up to my eWallet?

There are 4 ways for you to top-up:


1. From another moolahgo eWallet Have your friend or employer send you funds from his/her moolahgo eWallet to your eWallet
2. Credit / Debit Card Use your credit or debit card to top-up.

Note: With effect from 1st May 2023, the convenience fees charged for top-ups via cards will be revised to 2.1% (min. SGD20 cents) per top-up. Certain card issuers may block top-ups to ewallets.

3. Bank Transfers by using PayNow:


The fastest way to top up your eWallet by scanning PayNow QR Code with just a few simple steps:

  • Select bank transfer for top-up in moolahgo app
  • Download moolahgo QR code to your photo library
  • Switch over to your bank app to select “Scan and Pay”
  • Select moolahgo QR code from your photo library and confirm payment

Top-up amount will be reflected in your eWallet immediately. For step-by-step instructions, watch this video:

For Bahasa version of the video, click here

4. Manual PayNow / FAST transfers

In your bank app, ensure you select PayNow / FAST transfer. Enter our bank account details as shown to you at the top-up confirmation page. The funds will be transferred to your eWallet quickly when all the instructions are followed correctly.

Note: You MUST enter the top-up code “EWTOPUPxxxxxxx” in the Reference field in your bank app. Failure to do so may result in delays to your funds being credited to your wallet.

5. Auto Top-ups

For your convenience, you can also save your credit or debit card for automatic top-ups whenever your wallet balance falls below a certain amount or when you are performing a Buy Now transaction amount that exceeds your balance.

Note that Moolahgo will never save your raw card details in our servers. Your card details go through an encryption process known as tokenization which are then stored by a PCI-DSS Level 1 Card Processing company in Singapore. PCI-DSS Level 1 is the highest level of certification in the cards industry.

Auto top-ups by cards are subjected to convenience fees according to Point 2.

Note: If you use other forms of bank transfers (e.g from bank ATM), do not worry, your funds will still reach us. However, the system would need more time to try to match your funds resulting delays in your wallet being credited.

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