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Moolahgo DBS Multi Currency Account (“MCA”) Top-up Service

You can now load your DBS Multi Currency Account with Moolahgo!


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Q: What is this service about? 

A: Moolahgo has added a service in its mobile e-Wallet App that allows our users who already have a DBS MCA to easily buy foreign currencies at good rates and directly load them to their DBS accounts. This service provides our users with a convenient option for FX and further enhances the value of the DBS Multi Currency Cards. 

Q: What is the DBS Multi Currency Card Account? 

A: Also known as the “My Account”, it is a digital multi-currency bank account that comes with a multi-currency Visa card that is popular amongst travelers. More details can be found on DBS website here

Q: What are the benefits of using Moolahgo to load my DBS MCA? 

A: Competitive Exchange Rates: Moolahgo aims to provide competitive foreign exchange rates, allowing you to save on currency conversions compared to traditional methods. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals that frequently deal with different currencies. 

Earn Rewards: Only Moolahgo rewards you for doing currency conversions. Every time you buy foreign currencies to load into your DBS MCA, you earn mCoins (our way of calling our reward points).  

Cost Free: All foreign currency conversions and DBS MCA top-ups are currently free of charge. And you can perform as many conversions as you wish and still not be charged. 

Convenience: With Moolahgo’s service, you now have a powerful option to buy foreign currencies at great rates providing you with greater flexibility and resiliency for your DBS MCA and card. 

Q: Are there any currency restrictions or limitations? 

A: As of now, the currencies that Moolahgo provide for direct loading to your DBS MCA are:  

Australian Dollar (AUD) 

Canadian Dollar (CAD) 

Chinese Offshore Yuan (CNH) 

Euro (EUR) 

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 

Japanese Yen (JPY) 

New Zealand Dollar (NZD) 

British Pound (GBP) 

United States Dollar (USD)  

Q: How do I get started using this Service? 

A: To get started, you will need to create an account in the Moolahgo e-Wallet App. You can download the App on either the Google Play store or Apple App store.  Go to this link to download now.

Downloading & Signing-up for a Moolahgo account is totally free and there’s no minimum balance to maintain. You will have to complete the sign-up process to be a fully-verified user. 

Click Here to watch this short video for a demo.

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