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How to reset my PIN?


A) If you have verified your email 1. Click “Forget PIN” (see picture below) and a verification email will be sent to you.

2. Enter the 6-digit verification code from the email into your moolahgo App

3. Enter your new PIN

B) If you did not verify your email 1. Click “Forget PIN” and enter your mobile number.

2. We will contact you within 3 working days to verify your identity.

3. For immediate PIN reset, please WhatsApp our Helpline at 8898-0978 for verification, during our operating hours.

4. Once verification is done, you will receive an app notification: “Your PIN reset request is completed. You may proceed to enter your new PIN at next login. WhatsApp 8898-0978 if you had not requested to reset”

5. Open moolahgo App to enter your new PIN.

To update your email, go to “My Info”.

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