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How to Charge Your Helper’s Salary to Your Card?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the moolahgo app & sign-up
  2. At the Account Verification page, scroll down to the bottom and press “LATER” (Note: in future if you would like to do remittances, you would need to be verified)
  3. Press “Pay Now” menu at the bottom of the App homepage
  4. Select “By Visa or Mastercard to another eWallet” (Note: eWallet refers to another moolahgo eWallet)
  5. Select the phone number of your maid (Note: request your maid to also download & sign-up the moolahgo app to receive salary from you)
  6. Enter the Salary Amount and press “Next”
  7. Enter your Card details (Visa or Mastercard only) and press “Next”
  8. Select “Save Card” for your future convenience (Note: Moolahgo only saves the encrypted form of your card details. The raw details are not visible to anyone to prevent fraud.)
  9. In the next page, check that the information is correct. If yes, press “Proceed”
  10. Enter your PIN or use Biometric to confirm payment
  11. Enter the SMS OTP sent by your card issuer (Note: do not exit from this page as the system is processing)
  12. If payment is successful, you will see a blue colour “Payment Successful” page.
  13. To view your payment record, go back to the App’s homepage. Press your wallet card in the center of the page
  14. Find “Pay Now” transaction type and expand the list. Your transactions are listed there.


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