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What is moolahgo?

moolahgo is a Financial Technology (Fintech) company licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to offer a range of payment services:

  • e-Account Issuance
  • Domestic Money Transfer
  • Cross-border Money Transfer
  • E-Money issuance
  • Money changing

We started our operations in 2018. When we first started, we were in fact the first online money changer in Singapore operating based on a regular full license. Fast forward to today, our business has now become multi-faceted, much deeper in scale and capability.

Our current business focus areas are Cross-border Payments and Currency Exchanges and we’ve gotten pretty good at it in just over a very short period of time, processing millions of dollars each month for both individuals and corporates. We even power the cross-border payments services of other Financial Institutions via our Application Programming Interface (API) platform. Read more in our Services page.

Recently, we have also launched our eWallet mobile app to bring the benefits of our digital financial services to a broader consumer audience.


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