MoolahGo opens its Technology Center in Indonesia

August 2018

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MoolahGo Chief Software Engineer (Jodi Junan, left) posing with two of MoolahGo’s engineers (Notto and Diro) in its Medan Technology Center.


5 August 2018 – MoolahGo today officially opened its wholly-owned Technology Center in Medan, Indonesia after operating for close to 24 months under a hybrid contract model.

With its own Technology Center, MoolahGo hopes to be able to achieve a faster ramp-up to support its aggressive expansion plans while maintaining an effective cost structure. Having its own technology development center would also enable MoolahGo to attract, grow and retain good talents to become the next generation leaders in the company.

Establishing a technology center in Medan makes strategic sense for MoolahGo for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia, after Jakarta and Surabaya. There are more than two million inhabitants in this bustling city and more than half of the population are between 15 to 35 years of age. This makes the city extremely productive.

Secondly, unlike in Jakarta and other typical startup cities in Indonesia such as Batam, technology talents in Medan are still pretty much untapped. Although in recent years Medan has received investments from tech startups, it’s potential is still far from being fully realized.

Thirdly, MoolahGo’s Chief Software Engineer had his roots in Medan and still maintains close links with his technology peers in the city. This enables MoolahGo to have a very good knowledge of the local market and be able to cater to the specific needs of job seekers in this city.

“Most technology startups whether foreign or local choose Jakarta as its technology base by default. This means that they have to compete unnecessarily for talent and unfortunately, in the process, drive costs out of control”, said Jodi Junan.

MoolahGo hopes to grow its Medan Technology Center rapidly to support both web and mobile applications.

“Obviously Medan isn’t going to be the only city in Indonesia we will consider. In future, we’ll be open to others such as Bali, Batam, Bandung or even Jakarta. But for now, we’re pretty happy to be in Medan”, said Jodi.


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