Strong public interests in MoolahGo's Online Currency Exchange products

27 August 2018

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MoolahGo recently exhibited its Online Currency Exchange service at the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) Fair in August at the Singapore Expo

Although this was MoolahGo's first exhibition at the NATAS fair, the exhibition turned out to be a huge success. During the 3-days of exhibition, the MoolahGo booth attracted some 500 visitors and signed up hundreds of members on the spot.






This is a strong vote of confidence from the public on MoolahGo's Fintech money-changing solutions which deliver overall better value for its users including competitive exchange rates, convenience and rewarding.

Besides strong interests in its online money-changing service, visitors are also particularly intrigued by MoolahGo’s unique Peer-to-Peer e-Marketplace which allows anyone to buy and sell currencies directly without going through a middle-man. MoolahGo's e-Marketplace is used commonly by users who have spare currencies to sell off but do not wish to suffer exchange rate losses by selling them back to a money-changer.

During the event, MoolahGo also accepted a large number of pre-registrations for its Multi-currency e-Wallet product which is slated to be launched in Q1 2019

About MoolahGo

MoolahGo is a Fintech Startup based in Singapore offering online currency exchange and online money transfer services at highly competitive exchange rates, low cost while providing convenience and security to its users. MoolahGo is the 1st Fintech in Singapore to obtain a full money-changing license from MAS to offer an online currency exchange service. It's platform went live in March 2018 and within a short few months, MoolahGo has signed-up hundreds of members and processed transactions value of more than S$ 0.5 Million.

About NATAS:

NATAS is Singapore's premier travel association with a history of more than half a century. NATAS holds Singapore’s largest travel fairs twice a year to bring to consumers the latest trends in travel and travel-related products (NATAS attracted over 100,000 visitors at the recent fair in August). These fairs have also become synonymous with holiday planning amongst Singaporeans for many decades.

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