Moolahgo Unveils Shizu – AI Digital Payments

3 December, 2023

Moolahgo, a leading multi-currency digital payments specialist in Singapore, is proud to launch “Shizu”, a groundbreaking client interface for Moolahgo’s multi-currency payments platform. Shizu boasts advanced AI capabilities, understanding natural language, operating in multiple dialects, and adeptly handling user input and imperfections.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, some users find themselves sidelined by the online maze of applications, websites, and web-forms. Despite substantial investments in user experience, navigating online often assumes a technical proficiency that not everyone possesses. Rather than expecting humans to conform to the machine world, Moolahgo recognizes the importance of adapting technology to meet human needs. Many clients, in fact, prefer the simplicity of reaching out through a phone call or messaging.

Shizu emerges as a next generation payment services assistant designed with humans in mind, leveraging OpenAI’s Large Language Model. She comprehends instructions and messages, accepts typos and loose syntax, and eliminates the need for extra forms or buttons to capture client payment requests. Shizu communicates with clients in a natural and human-like manner.

John Hakim, Founder & CEO of Moolahgo, expressed his enthusiasm for Shizu’s potential: ” I can write <Send Sgd20 to Chen> or <Kirim $10 ke Penang>, and Shizu knows exactly what I’m trying to do. It’s simple, straightforward, no navigation, dropdowns or menus. Whether you’re elderly and differently abled or just busy and frustrated, this is a simpler future.”

Powered by ChatGPT, Shizu leverages real-language capabilities, provides multilingual support for regional languages and dialects, has context-memory for a deeper understanding of user interactions, robust data protection features, and platform scalability. Currently live on Telegram, Shizu will integrate seamlessly with all common text messaging tools.

Moolahgo was recognized earlier this year as recipient of the Asian Fintech Award for diversity, for their work connecting digital wallets in Asia to support the under/un-banked of Asia. This commitment to inclusivity is continued with the launch of Shizu in pursuit of technology that is accessible to everyone.


**About Moolahgo Pte Ltd**

Moolahgo is a leading multi-currency digital payments specialist headquartered in Singapore. Our cutting-edge technology platform and experienced team of advisors offer businesses and consumers low-cost and efficient cross-border payment solutions. Clients range from Singapore’s SMEs and micro-business importers to overseas nationals sending money home and online businesses bringing Singapore’s products to the global market. Moolahgo is a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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