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One-Stop Payment Solutions

Trust your bulk payments to us. Enjoy the best exchange rates for your transactions with our unique multi-rate sourcing technology.

Benefits of moolahgo API
& Webhook Integration


Automate your international payments process by linking your accounting software to Moolahgo's cross-border payment platform to achieve significant finance workload savings


Reducing manual touch-points through automation in turn reduces the possibility of human errors, improving payment quality, accuracy and reducing payment delays


Enjoy savings from better exchange rates and lower service charges compared to other remittance providers. Pay when exchange rates reach the levels that you prefer


Expand your business' capabilities and earn recurring profits by tapping into Moolahgo's cross-border payment solution for your own clients

Broad Coverage

Capable of payments to more than 40 countries, sufficiently catering to the typical currency needs of 99% of businesses


Licensed and fully regulated by the Singapore financial regulator on multiple regulations including the safe-guarding of your money in a segregated bank account

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