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Our greatest commitment is to make financial services accessible to all and to take care of all your financial needs. For that reason, we provide highly competitive rates to our clients through fast and easy-to-use services, from instant personal payments to optimised payroll automation. See what we can do for you.

Individual Users

Simplify all your payment transactions with one single app that addresses all your needs

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Find everything you need in our eWallet app, a convenient mobile payment platform with intuitive interfaces and fast processing time. We leverage the latest technology to create an original eWallet, one that is designed for Asians and purpose built for the Asian market. What we offer includes:

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And Many More...

Cross-border Remittance
  • Our multi-rate sourcing technology allows you to send money from Singapore to more than 40 countries at very competitive exchange rates.
  • Track your money at every step along the way, and see your transaction completed within minutes.
Currency Exchange
  • Use our eWallet app to exchange money at the most competitive rates for credit to your bank accounts worldwide.
  • Our upcoming sub-wallet feature allows you to open multi-currency sub-wallets for free and easily exchange money at good rates.
Pay Now
  • You can send money in Singapore to your friends and family in a matter of minutes.
  • You can send money to an Indonesia e-Wallet (OVO, Dana, GoPay, LinkAja! and ShopeePay) or Philipines e-Wallet (GCash) by selecting the mobile number from your contact list.
  • Greater flexibility compared to the existing iBanking PayNow feature makes our eWallet a handy alternative.
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Debit Card Services
  • Available in future release, spend your moolahgo eWallet balance at 50+ million merchants and retailers in over 200 countries.
  • Enjoy safe, secure and fast transactions by going contactless.
  • A straight-forward Cashback system that does not require you to have a PhD to understand.
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Buy Now
  • Pay for your purchases without using cash and enjoy the benefits of our cashback system.
Bill Payment
  • Show your appreciation to your loved ones back home by making payments for their day-to-day telecommunication and utilities bills (upcoming).
Earn Rewards
  • Get rewarded for every transaction and redeem your reward points M-Coins® for shopping vouchers at popular retailers in Singapore.
Budget Management
  • Analytics that make sense - manage all your spending across multiple modes of payment within the next release of our eWallet app.

Business Clients

Streamline your business operations with moolahgo’s financial solutions, designed to help your company to thrive in the current digital commerce era.

A customisable fee structure, advance trading features, and highly competitve FX rates are among the things we are proud to deliver to our business clients. Take a look at the different ways we could help your company.

Payment Provider
  • Our multi-rate sourcing technology allows our business clients to send money from Singapore to more than 40 countries at competitive exchange rates.
  • Know where your money is at so you can have peace of mind trusting your money with us.
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Payment Processor
  • Even Financial Institutions put their trust in us to handle their payments.
  • We provide wholesale rates in processing bulk payments.
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  • • We’re not a bank, but we possess technology might rivalling that of a bank with our open-banking suite.
  • • Complete suite of APIs needed to power your payments business from onboarding to transactions execution.
  • • Connect to us and discover a whole new possibility at your disposal.
  • • Visit our PaaS page here.

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Indonesian Rupiah Virtual Account & Revenue Collection Services
  • Get your free IDR Virtual Account for your revenue collections, and enjoy free repatriation of funds to your home country at the most competitive currency exchange rate.
  • With this, we aim to provide the ideal service to E-Commerce companies wanting to expand their business to the regional market.
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