Working from Home – Top 5 Tips

8 April, 2020

Working from Home (or WFH as its commonly referred to these days) is now implemented across most workplaces to battle the COVID-19 outbreak by promoting safe distancing. Whilst WFH has its perks such as avoiding the morning and evening rush hours, it can also be difficult due to the lack of face-to-face contact with your colleagues to share work or non-work related issues.

To help you ease into a WFH culture, let us share a few tips with you which hopefully you would find useful. We believe that even after the COVID-19 pandemic situation abates, this event would without doubt have changed the mindsets of companies and influenced their decisions regarding workspaces. For some companies, WFH might very well become the norm.e.

1. Create a workspace

Having a dedicated room/desk/corner, where you can sit comfortably solely for work, will help you create a clear boundary and concentrate more. Keep all essential work items within your reach. If you live with family or roommates, be transparent with them about your expectations during work time, especially when you are in calls/meetings with colleagues, customers, and partners. If your work entails confidential information, make sure you screen-lock your computer when you step away.

2. Craft a daily work routine

To put it simply, follow your daily routine during workdays. Take a shower, get dressed, get a coffee, just as what you would normally do before going to the office. And when you start work at home, do what you would usually do in the office. Follow a certain schedule and structure your breaks. This will help you stay more focused and keep your energy at a good level. And when the end of your typical workday arrives, follow the same ritual to switch off from the work mode.

3. Limit distractions

Whether that’s scrolling through social media or cooking your lunch, it’s better to separate work from personal activities. This will enable you to retain your focus and dedicate your time to your official duties. As much as possible, try not to work near your living room, kitchen or any leisure room. Move away from distraction.

4. Stay online

It’s important to stay connected with your colleagues. Check your e-mail and messaging app regularly to receive your team’s requests and questions. Keep your calendar updated. Remember to regularly update your supervisor what you have achieved and pending tasks ahead. In a WFH arrangement, over-communicating may not be a bad practice.

5. Remember to socialize and have fun

Relationships with colleagues are important. Having them around only virtually can become confusing. The good thing is you can still get to know them during 1:1 meetings and calls. Share a laugh over video conference whenever you can and socialize. We trust that you know how to keep things in balance. Above all, always stay fit and heathy through exercise and consume nourishing meals.

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